Our Family

In 2003 my family and I decided to make a "leap of faith" and moved ourselves from Towcester (pronouced Toaster), Northampton in the United Kingdom to the big land of America - Florida to be precise!  In April of that year, we stuck a pin on a map of Florida and it landed in Ocala - in November of the same year we arrived in Orlando International Airport with two suitcases each, wondering where we were going to stay, what we were going to do and where our three children aged 5, seven and nine were going to go to school.

Many have said that we were brave, crazy or both.  However, here we are some years later having established early on that America truly is the land of free and the home of the brave.  My husband, Dan, set about supporting our family whilst I got straight down to the business of Real Estate - my lifelong passion - Here's why: from initial contact with you, identifying your needs, setting the right price, finding your next home, working out the details, making and receiving the offers,  advertising your home and building a lifelong partnership with you is all very exciting to me!

The adventure has started and we have not looked back.  Now we are the proud parents of an Eagle Scout, and two Girl Scouts working towards their next levels.  We have been joined by two amazing dogs - Shelly and Buddy (who really is a buddy for Shelly since her need to be social overcame the electric fence!) and a Butler cat called... Steve!

We now live in the beautiful Dunnellon area and have a 10 acre farm with cows and pigs, are actively invovled in our community and are loving life